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PlugRush All-In-One Adult AD Network Review | The Porn Guide

I have been testing AD network I never used before as I had to leave Exoclick due to copyright issues, the results are excellent and I got to share it here. Plugrush Network, they offer all-in-one solution for adult webmasters. What do I mean by all-in one? Basically, all we got to do is to […]


How to Improve Speed & Security of a Porn Website using CDN

Leverage CDN (Content Delivery Network) to improve both speed and security on your adult project. What does CDN do? Think of it as a man in the middle, who stands between your website and any visitor. This middle man (CDN) is your best friend when it comes to security, speed and caching. Since all your […]


Where Can I Get Quality Back-Links for my Porn Tube Website

How To Get Solid Adult Back-links? It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve started my journey with porn and what I can tell for sure, is that back-links are crucial factor for ranking. I can actually notice the correlation between the traffic and the new back-links I got that Google indexed. Better the back-links, better […]


How To Run a Successful Porn Tube Website Coming Into 2021

Hit the Upcoming Year Big with a Money Making Porn Tube Website The current global situation gives us, the adult webmasters, a very unique opportunity to make the most out of the pickle we find our self’s in. You might ask what opportunity is it? Well, due to the pandemic and people being in lock-down, […]


Increase SEO Adult Traffic | Niche Porn Site 2020

How to get more traffic to your porn tube website? I’ve been seeing the same struggle among many webmasters, stuck and without traffic, like hitting a brick wall. After having looked at tons of porn sites there’s a clear boundary between the ones with traffic and ones without categorizing the porn video content What do […]


How To Get Traffic to an Adult Website in 2020 Part 2 | The Porn Guide

The Second Part of How to Get Free Adult Traffic in 2020. This time around I’ll skip the small talk and jump straight into the methods.   Twist on the Reddit method This method is very similar to the original one (If you don’t know what the Reddit method for getting free adult traffic is, […]


Monetizing a Porn Niche Website Further | The Premium Content

Make More Revenue on the Porn Niche Your Tube Represents The smaller and rarer the porn video content you provide the better, this method will only work for the “hard to find” niche videos. I’ve been trying it out on a few videos but the past month I started going heavier on content around it […]


A DMCA Take Down Notice | Reprocuctions

Received a DMCA Take-Down Notice and Shitting Your Pants? You started getting traffic to your site and everything going smooth and then it hits you, a very scary looking email written by a lawyer that basically tells you that you’re fucked if the content is not taken off the site in question. It happens to […]


Ultimate Off-Shore Server Hosting Plan | Limited Offer |

Off-Shore DMCA Ignored Hosting for an Adult Tube Website “the only thing we do is we may forward the DMCA to you, and you have the decision what to do with that” Offshore hosting is designed for people who both want to host their adult website and data outside of their own country, for whatever […]


Make the Most out of a Porn Tube Website | Maximizing Revenue

Are you making the most out of the Adult Traffic your Pornsite has? Have you gone through all the time-consuming and boring processes of making a porn website but you only making pennies? If that’s the case, tune in.   I’m gonna be real with all the webmasters that want to make money with little […]


How To Get Traffic to an Adult Website in 2020 – ThePornGuide.

How to get that precious adult traffic coming in? I’ll include instant and long term traffic methods, and some great ways to free quality adult back-links. Here’s how to get started!   Getting the traffic to an adult site is the webmaster’s greatest struggle. I’ve decided to make a compilation of all the methods I’m using […]