Tips & Tricks

I will be posting small tips and useful recommendations that might prove valuable in running a Porn Website / Adult Tube Website

Tip  #1

Always have your Pornstar, Tag & Category Pages visible and accessible. When a user searches for a video, he very often uses Pornstar’s name + a Tag. When that happens, these pages become the Keywords & Landing pages for your visitors.

Example of a highly searched pornstar in my niche below. Killing the competition.


Tip #2

If you’re looking to optimize your site for speed whether it is WordPress or any other CMS. I’ve found a great choice. My “Storage folder” had 260MB worth of thumbnails, that’s 260MB every time a new visitor comes in and visits a few pages.

I’ve found this website Kraken, logged in via FTP to my thumb folder, dragged everything to the site, and recompiled images, dragged them back in, replaced the old ones,  boom now its 60 MB. That’s 200MB less which is a massive increase in page speed.