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Ultimate Off-Shore Server Hosting Plan | Limited Offer |

Off-Shore DMCA Ignored Hosting for an Adult Tube Website

“the only thing we do is we may forward the DMCA to you, and you have the decision what to do with that”

Offshore hosting is designed for people who both want to host their adult website and data outside of their own country, for whatever reason (DMCA), and who want their data and identity to remain private. If you’re looking to run a porn website then you’re in the market for an offshore hosting service provider, you’re not alone. Hundreds of webmasters in adult niches flock to the internet every day in search of the perfect web host outside of their country. But is there a “perfect” adult hosting provider? Probably not. But you can find a service provider that comes closest to meeting your needs.

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What kind of off-shore hosting do I need?

Shared Hosting Plan, Virtual Private Server (VPS) Plan or Dedicated Server

Shared Hosting


If you’re new to the porn game then this is the best plan for you. Shared Hosting is very easy to manage and requires very little technical knowledge to start your porn venture. You can install CMS like WordPress in just a few clicks right from the hosting provider’s admin panel, choose your theme and start posting content. Sounds too good? Despite the advantages, the shared plan has its limitations.



  • Beginner-friendly, little technical knowledge required.
  • Its the cheapest plan in most cases.
  • A great choice for small and medium websites.
  • One-click WordPress CMS deployment.
  • Easy to manage via plugins and add-ons that are very easy to install.
  • You can create an entire porn tube website using just a few plugins.


  • Despite the low level of technical knowledge required, shared hosting has to be set-up properly.
  • It is a “Shared” Hosting, which means, you get a limited amount of resources.
  • Good for sites up to 300k~ monthly visits, the bigger the traffic the slower the website will become due to the lack of resources.
  • No “Root” server access, limits any advanced commands, modifications, etc.

New to the adult business? WordPress shared hosting is the best and most reliable choice.

It is recommended to hire a freelancer that works and specializes in WordPress Hosting to do the setup for you.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)


The name “Private” means that you’re in full control of everything. Starting from picking server’s operating system then server, and firewall configuration, admin panel setup, CMS installation. This is one of the best choices for medium to large sites but requires technical knowledge and some development skills. If you lack the skill-set, it is best to hire a server expert to do the work for you.


  • In full control of the server and its resources – you’re only limited by the server’s specs.
  • Due to no limits on the resources and operating system designed for speed and reliability. A VPS can handle medium to heavy traffic porn tubes
  • Once everything is set up, a VPS is a self-sufficient, and capable of running multiple high traffic porn websites with ease. This is the next best choice when a shared plan is just not doing it.
  • Can install custom CMS, run modifications, improve speed and security via the server’s Root/SSH command console.


  • Sufficient to say, you need to have the technical knowledge and know basic Linux commands. This option is for users that are done with a shared plan and want to up their porn game.
  • It can be pricy, the higher the specs the more expensive it gets.
  • Without proper set-up, the Server is vulnerable to DDOS attacks and hacks.

OpenVZ vs KVM

The most basic difference between OpenVZ and KVM is that OpenVZ can ONLY host Linux operating systems, while KVM is more flexible and can host Linux, Windows, and custom OS options.

KVM allows you to set maximum and minimum values to your resources so that you only use the resources your applications need. OpenVZ provides the end-user with speed and scalability, and it’s more affordable. KVM offers private virtualized hardware including network card, disk and graphics adapter, and guaranteed resources for increased reliability. While running a porn website, OpenVZ seems like a better choice.

Despite the level of work required on setting up the server, VPS is the best choice for medium to medium-large porn websites.

It is recommended to hire a freelancer that works and specializes in Linux OS systems to do the setup for you.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server plans are designed with speed, security, and uptime in mind. Recommended for very heavy traffic websites with all the resources and its premium high-end specs at your disposal. Unlike VPS, where you share the network’s resources. The Dedicated Server gives all its raw speed only to you.


  • Can install custom applications, run modifications, improve speed and security via the server’s Root/SSH access.
  • Premium, high-end specs guarantee a blazing fast response time.
  • Can handle video conversion, storage, and streaming.
  • The sky is the limit.


  • Similarly to VPS, you might need a Linux OS expert.

(My server runs on this hardware, no issues)

It is recommended to hire a freelancer that works and specializes in Linux/Windows OS Server systems to do the setup for you.

All the Servers Plans are unmanaged, this means everything has to be done by us. A control panel that allows a server administrator to set up new websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, and DNS entries through a web-based interface is also required and has to be installed on your server.

cPanel/WHM is the most popular on the market, the license cost starts at 15$/m for a single admin account which is all you need.