How to Create Video Categories & Tags That Rank – Adult Tube Guide

Properly Tagging and Categorizing Videos on your Porn Tube Website is Crucial for Search Engine Traffic!   One of the most common mistakes I’ve been seeing on various porn tube websites is incorrect tagging and categorizing video collections. This is one of the main reasons why there’s no Google traffic […]

How To Make an Adult SEO Video Tittle – Hows & Donts

Swallow Salon Welcomes Alex Coal   We shall use this video as an example, with its original title “Swallow Salon Welcomes Alex Coal“ This is how I rank it (It’s funny as I have double content, didn’t notice I already had this video posted but still, 2 SEO first results) […]

Video Storage Solution – Free Premium Membership

Are you a Porn Tube owner and struggling to find a reliable Video Host for your porn collection? I have the solution we all have been looking for – OnlyStream.TV    The service is free and offers unlimited storage to share your videos. But it is a bit slow & […]

How To Rank Your Porn Tube Videos – Keywords & On-Site SEO

How To Rank Your Porn Tube Videos? Learn Basic Keyword Research and SEO. Getting organic traffic to your adult tube website starts with the very first video you upload, the traffic you are going to get in the future, depends a lot on the niche and the “idea” you’re going […]

How To Get Backlinks To Your Porn Tube Website in 2019?

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors for Google in 2019 Without decent backlinks, Google will not rank your website as high in search results as the sites that do. Before we dive into the best ways of building backlinks, first let’s explain what a backlink really is. According […]

Make The Most Off Exoclick Ads & Adult Tube Website Traffic

Exoclick is one of the best CPM AD networks to monetize your porn traffic (The article is based on my personal experience while running a porn tube website,  your experience may vary)   Terms Used CPM – Cost per mille, also called cost per thousand, is a commonly used measurement […]

Get Free Visitors To Your Porn Tube Website – Huge Traffic Boost

How To Get Free Adult Traffic…? There is no free traffic, it will either take your money or time. Understanding this principle is very important, the more time you commit the more free traffic you are going to get.   Best Method For Free Website Visitors That I’ve Used Personally To […]

How To Create an Adult Tube Website – The Porn Guide

A Guide to Help You With Building and Running a Porn Tube Website.   (Note: I’m not claiming this is the ultimate best guide out there, there’s plenty of articles. I’m giving you my method, that I’m still using, and that works)   The big question you might be asking: […]