The Second Part of How to Get Free Adult Traffic in 2020.

This time around I’ll skip the small talk and jump straight into the methods.


  • Twist on the Reddit method

This method is very similar to the original one (If you don’t know what the Reddit method for getting free adult traffic is, read it here)

The “twist” is going to make this approach much more safer, quicker and easier. Considering how huge Reddit is, this can be done with pretty much any porn niche.

Its simplicity is what makes it so effective, as we simply give what people ask for.

  • What will I need? 
  1. Reddit Account
  2. Shareable porn content

A good command of the porn niche that as a webmaster you’re running and basic Reddit browsing skills.

Step 1

Find Reddit groups as close to the niche of your porn site as possible

(I’ll use as example, the screen shot was taken at the time of writing this post, 07.06.2020)

In this example, I search for “Gloryhole” as its the most popular category. I follow the ones that are as close to my content as possible.



Once I’m in, I sort the front page to show the hottest posts and just by looking at the thumbnails I can already tell that I’ve got the video that’s currently trending. That’s when the knowledge of the shit your posting comes in handy as it saves you a lot of time.


I look in the comments and a few people are asking for the source with the only reply being a 5 min video clip from Pornhub. Being a good citizen we provide the full source!


That’s it for the “Twist”, its safer and easier to do and gives more targeted results. Even if you don’t have a given video that’s currently trending, just find it, upload it and give the sauce! Below results are from posting very irregularly, I don’t hustle on Reddit as much as I used to but the traffic from the link is coming even 3-4 months after posting it.


  • Going beyond Google

Author: ThePornAdmin

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1 year ago

Best tutorial thank you i will try it now

1 year ago

thanks for tutorial,,i will try this

2 years ago

Thanks so much for how toget traffic

2 years ago

Some subreddit when you comment with your link they will just ban you permanent

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