How to get that precious adult traffic coming in? I’ll include instant and long term traffic methods, and some great ways to free quality adult back-links. Here’s how to get started!


Getting the traffic to an adult site is the webmaster’s greatest struggle. I’ve decided to make a compilation of all the methods I’m using or had used at some point in my porn journey, hopefully, it’s gonna come in handy and get you started!

Remember, people are not robots and the content is king. Firstly, make sure that your website is ready for traffic if the visitor doesn’t like what you selling, he’s going to leave and no method will keep him there.

  • Clean and responsive design – people don’t like old looking themes.
  • The HTTPS protocol is set-up – keep it safe.
  • Optimized for speed – The website has to load fast, otherwise, the user will leave and never come back!
  • Content – this is by far, the biggest factor. You need to have content that users want to interact with, like watching a video. Don’t mass import videos and hope for the best.
  • AD heavy websites – The rule of thumb I always use is simple and works – Is it quicker for a visitor to sit through an AD or Google another website? If it’s easier to find your content somewhere else than sitting through a 30 sec AD then changing the gameplan might be a good move.

If your porn website is ready for the fappers then let’s proceed!


1. Reddit Porn Traffic Method

This was the first method I used for generating traffic, it brings instant visitors and works with any porn niche. I don’t use it as much nowadays but it still brings massive traffic from links I’ve posted ages ago, also, it’s great to “market” your brand.

What do you need?

  • Gfycat account – Short video/gif platform, works great with Reddit. Make sure to fill out your profile with your website’s address and some short description of the kind of videos you gonna be sharing, don’t market anything just keep it simple. You will get visitors just by doing it.

  • Reddit account – Social media platform visited by over 12 billion monthly users. Create an account, don’t use a nickname that sounds like you’re marketing something.
  • Hippovideo – Video recording and editing software.


The idea is simple, we record a short scene from a porn video that’s on your website using Hippovideo, up to 60 seconds, always pick a “Hot moment”. Edit, cut and download the porn clip using the app.

We then upload the clip to Gfycat, it’s a porn clip sharing platform that synergizes with Reddit very well. Click create, then add a video.


While uploading you can add a watermark of your porn site, remove Hippo branding by trimming the end. and when the clip is ready, get a sharing link.


Now, we want to get the video link we got from Gfycat as it will be shared by us on Reddit.

Something about Reddit first, it’s not your usual platform for spamming links, people that use it are a bit more clever than your regular Joe. They will not go for a simple “Here’s my link and visit my site” kind of stuff.

  • Never spam – you will get banned.
  • Don’t sound like you’re selling or advertising something, you will get downvoted and never see any traffic.

Reddit is all about Subreddits, it’s like a sub-forum kind of thing, for specific interest groups. Ranging from “Funny memes” down to “One-handed Gay midgets fucking” – What I mean is that you can advertise any porn niche out there.

To keep it sweet, the list of most popular porn subreddits can be found here, courtesy of ThePornDude.

We join as many Subreddits related to your porn niche as possible and we post the link from Redgifs on there using a catchy title (Not visit my site now!!! kind of thing) Then you can post the link to the full video on your porn website in the comments below the clip you just added with something like “Source” or “Found full vid here”.

  • Post to 3-5 Subreddits every 24-36 hours with quality porn clips, never spam.
  • Read what people write in comments, reply and interact.

Some Subreddits are picky, and it’s better to wait for someone to ask for the source of the video, people do it quite often. Since Reddit has got a lot of users, some of the clips you share might go viral within the Subreddit. Causing a massive spike in traffic, and can crash your website if it’s not ready to handle that many visits.


That’s it for Reddit traffic guide, hope it helps!


2. Twitter Porn Traffic Method

Twitter can be used as a great source of adult traffic but takes more time as it requires more manual work and interaction with users interested in a given porn niche. Twitter is more about building a following rather than spamming links.

What do you need?

  • Twitter account – You can use the same clips as with the Reddit method as the idea is very similar but approach is different, here we want to make our profile look like we mean business. Setup your profile pic, background along with description and the link to your website.


Fill up your timeline with around 15 video Tweets before anything else, use up to 2-6 hashtags related to your niche on each one and add short info. After that, just keep adding fresh content daily. People that want to see more are going to visit your profile, see the website link and check it out. I found that spamming links in the actual Tweet don’t work that great.



Now let’s find people to follow who most likely gonna follow us back. Use Twitter’s hashtag search, and type in whatever your niche keywords are. Look for a profile that has got a massive following, and start following his followers – If your content is for straight males, only follow males and vice versa. After a bit make sure to unfollow anyone that’s not following you back, you can use a Chrome extension, or do it manually.



  • There’s a quicker way to gain followers but it requires spending real money. You can contact the owner of a Twitter account that’s big and has your niche written all over it. Ask for a sponsored post or a retweet. It’s a popular way of quick boost both in traffic and the following. Alternatively, visit a digital marketplace like SeoClerk or Fiverr and use freelancers. Also, forums like BlackHatWorld offer services like that in their MarketPlace section.


3. Porn Blogs and Adult Forums traffic method.

There are just as many forums related to porn as there are porntubes. This method is great for steady traffic from many sources, it also provides backlinks as it’s a form of a blogpost on authority site.

What do you need?

  • Content to share – Once you register your accounts on niche related forums and located the right topics/threads to post video links on, the rest is just a matter of daily routine. Don’t spam, post only in related categories. Read each forum’s rules about link/content sharing.


My favorite porn forum must be LPSG. I don’t even post there anymore, members share my content on there daily and it counts as one of the biggest sources of referral traffic.


Best porn forums you should register an account with and start interacting with the community – courtesy of ThePornDude.


4. Do-Follow High-Quality DA/PA Backlink for Free!

Have you ever heard of MyVidster?



It’s not your usual video sharing site, rather a video bookmarking site that fetches a video/embed links and displays the content ad-free on their end. When you register, make sure to fill in all the account details, including website, descriptions and so on. When Google crawls it, you get a nice fat backlink.



Additionally, you can use their free service and bookmark your own videos from the porn tube to your Myvidster profile. The back-links from this are no-follow, but still very useful for social signals and SEO.



5. Get Your Site Listed on Porn Lists.

I can’t stress how important this is, you get the best possible back-link and real traffic from the porn listing sites. Everyone knows about ThePornDude, and while it is hard to get listed on his list, there are many other websites where you could have your porn website listed on.

How to find such porn listing websites?

I have got a small list of such websites –

And Well, we literally Google the rest, search for “best porn sites” “best free porn sites”



You want to go to each site, get the email/contact address (usually in the footer area) and send an email requesting to be listed.

  • Don’t write “Hi add site please” cos this will not work.
  • Introduce your self, tell something about what kind of website you represent and what you can bring to the table.
  • Offer link-exchange
  • Sound professional

An example of my e-mail that got me accepted to a lot of listings.


Author: ThePornAdmin

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