Properly Tagging and Categorizing Videos on your Porn Tube Website is Crucial for Search Engine Traffic!


One of the most common mistakes I’ve been seeing on various porn tube websites is incorrect tagging and categorizing video collections. This is one of the main reasons why there’s no Google traffic coming in.

Why is it so important?

Think of tags & categories as the landing pages for your keywords, this is why meta descriptions are also very important as they add extra info on what a given user is searching, confused? Let me explain.

As an example I’ll use one of my sites –

My two main categories are “Muslim Porn”  and “Arab Porn” – which covers searches related to, for example

watch free Muslim porn”, “free Arab porn” etc.

I then create another category that corresponds to whoever directed it, which covers extra search queries like, for example:

“watch Sexwithmuslims free”

For this to work you need SEO meta descriptions that Google sees and shows in searches.

Therm Tittle = Category name, “SexWithMuslims” (Yoast SEO plugin)

I always use the same meta for all categories, it must be “flexible” so it fits all of your content (Or you can do it the hard way and manually write meta tittles and description for each one) It basically expands simple keyword with the extra keywords and long tail searches.



This is how Google sees the Category


The same has to be done for video tags.


This is how Google sees it


These are the top search queries for this category and the landing page, as you can see, the traffic rarely lands on the front page but rather category/tag page.



Landing pages


Basically, every tag and category is a potential source of traffic. It is crucial for niche porn tube websites to have them as in-depth as possible, you’re the expert in your niche so make it relevant for users.

Is your site is about Anal Sex ? There’s a lot of categories you can expand your video collection on, ie: Anal Creampie, BBC Anal, Public Anal, Milf Anal, Teen Anal, Toys Anal… etc.

Can be further expanded with the producers name, ie: Tushy

And properly tagged

Painful, Young, Open Wide, Ass Creampie, Ass Training, Ass Fucking, Ass spreading, Crying, Punished… etc


All in all, if your site has a single category then you better start work!







Author: ThePornAdmin

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