Exoclick is one of the best CPM AD networks to monetize your porn traffic

(The article is based on my personal experience while running a porn tube website,  your experience may vary)


Terms Used

  • CPM – Cost per mille, also called cost per thousand, is a commonly used measurement in advertising. It’s what we get paid per every 1000 views on a single AD on your adult tube website.

Example: eCPM – an estimated cost per mile – how much money you are going to make on displaying single AD one-thousand times (CPM is calculated based on impressions, meaning, that 1 visitor can view single AD more than once)

  • CPA – Cost per acquisition, also known as cost per action. Basically, we get paid every time a payable action is triggered.

For example – Registering for an account, confirming email, submitting card details, paying for service (It is the most profitable way of making money on your porn tube website, but it is also the most tricky one) CPA offers generally, pay-out more money, since they require a user to perform an action.

  • Impressions – A term that refers to the point in which an ad is viewed once by a visitor, or displayed once on a web page. The number of impressions of a particular AD is determined by the number of times the particular page is located and loaded. The more pageviews – more money we make.
  • Vast Ads (Video Ad Serving Template) – A standard for communication requirements between ad servers and video players. It is a data structure declared using XML. In order to display ADs in any online video player, a VAST TAG is required, it tells the player what AD to display, how and when.


Exoclick Network – the 4th largest ad network in the world,  serving 7 billion geo-targeted ads a day, to a global network of 65,000 web/mobile publisher platforms. 

I have tested many AD networks based on the CPM payout model. In my opinion, the best adult advertising network is Exoclick. I’ve been personally using the service since the start. Exoclick is offering both simplicity and a huge AD inventory with top CPM rates, easy to navigate user interface, a dashboard with detailed statistics that is easy to navigate, good member support and regular on-time payments with low withdrawal limits.



  • Coverage – Global coverage of every AD format. Geo & niche targeted ads always displayed across all devices and formats. This means that once the AD code is placed, it will start generating revenue from day 1.
  • Withdrawals/Payments – Regular weekly payments, low minimum withdrawal limits, directly to the wallet/account of your choosing. this is one of the most important features for anyone looking to start making money on an adult tube website. Personally, I’m using PayPal for my AD revenue income, Exoclick offers fast weekly payments with no fee for PayPal.
  • CPM Rates – Good CPM rates for all of your advertising needs. Banners, pop-unders, notifications and much more. All of which we get paid for based on impressions.
  • AD Inventory – Exoclick offers Ads of all sizes, devices, and Geo Location.  The network offers all of the most popular AD sizes for every device –  desktops, mobiles, and tablets.  The AD’s are GEO targetted and change based on user location. Very easy to implement using WordPress and an AD Code we get, when adding a new AD Zone. All the statistics are managed from the Publisher’s Dashboard, we can check how every AD is performing, CPM rates, views etc. We can also edit or adjust AD Zones that are performing worse.
  • VAST Video Ads – Exoclick lets us easily add video advertising to our videos. Either via WP-Script Plugin or self-hosted mp4 videos.  Implementing VAST Tag is easy using any of the WP-Script themes.
  • Support – Great Publisher’s support. I haven’t had many problems, but with the ones that I did, Exoclick’s support has been fast and efficient.
  • Easily Accessible – There’s no need to file an application form. Simply register a Publisher’s new account and start making money from your porn tube website’s traffic.


Tips On How To Make The Most Advertising Money Off  Your Porn Tube Website


You are about to learn some secret tips & tricks on how to increase your porn tube AD revenue.  For WP-Script users, we have an integrated tab, where we can place AD codes, both for mobile and desktops.


The biggest money making AD formats for porn tubes are pop-unders, VAST and Banners. Mobile traffic has the best CPM rates and offers the most revenue. I will teach you some useful methods that will help you increase the AD impressions on your website.


  • Make the most of out of your Pop-Unders Ads: This AD format can be tricky and if done wrong, make your site look all spammy. But in right hands, it will generate a lot of extra revenue.  Insert the Pop-Under script via theme settings under Code > Javascript (Separate multiple scripts by pressing Enter). The best way of using Pop-Unders is to target different CSS Classes that the AD is triggered on. Instead of having a Pop-Under script that triggers on clicking anywhere. We can create a Pop script that only triggers on Thumbnail click etc.


Go ahead and create Pop-Under


While creating a new ad zone, we are presented with the dashboard, in which we can edit some of the AD’s attributes. Say, you want to create Pop-Under that triggers on Thumbnail Click on Desktop Devices.

To find out what CSS classes are used in your theme – press ctrl+shift+j on Chrome, it will open developers tools side window, then press ctrl+shift+c and hover over an element to get its CSS Class. This process can be repeated for different CSS classes and devices. For example, to trigger when clicking ”Skip this Ad” on your video ads, to trigger when Post Slider Thumbnail is clicked, etc.

Avoid Pop-Unders on all of your Navigation Menus as it will result in Google Bad Ad Experience Strike to your Website. Create the Pop scripts both for mobile and desktop versions of your porn tube website.


We get a limited amount of website’s space to place banners on, so where and what are the best Banner AD spots?

WP-Script makes it easy to place Ads via the themes settings interface, but what if we could place more ads without making the site look worse or lowering the user experience? For this, download the WordPress AD Inserter plugin, it allows to insert Ads in the themes custom fields. Say, you want to place an extra mobile AD on the front page, between posts.

We simply create a new AD zone, choose the right format and click next.


Name your AD (Important to keep track of your stats and AD performance), choose the size, tick the Google AD Compliance to avoid Google Ad Experience Strike. Click Save & Preview

Copy the AD Code onto the AD Insterter’s plugin interface. You can adjust what devices to show the AD on, where to show it and how to show it.

To add an extra AD to your homepage and show it only on mobile devices, simply adjust the settings in the Plugins settings page, insert the AD code in a Block of your choosing, enable manual insertion via a widget and enable ”homepage”. Now simply add a widget to your FrontPage called ‘Ad Inserter’ and choose the Block number to display that AD. You can repeat this process and place custom Ads on your porn tube website.


I recommend inserting extra 2 AD zones 300×250 and 300×100 (if the homepage is big enough) for mobile devices. Show only on the front page, between your video posts. An extra 300×250 banner can be added on mobile devices to show after video description on a single video page. For desktops, above the video player using 900×250 banner.  Depending on your website and post layout, you can add your own custom AD spots.


Example: After video description AD on Mobiles 300×250 Format


Example: Above the Video Player on Desktop Devices 900×250 Format


To implement In-Stream Video (VAST) Ads. Simply create a new AD Zone in your Exoclick Dashboard. Customize the settings, for best results, show AD every 1 minute (Single user will view AD multiple times while browsing videos) Enable AD Skip button after 10 seconds (You can set Pop-Under script to trigger on this, good money maker)


Click Save & Preview to receive your VAST tag link. Implement it to your WP-Scrip Theme by going Theme Options > Video Player > Scroll Down to ‘Pre-roll in-stream ad’ and paste the VAST link from Exoclick.


The more page views you get, the more impressions your AD spots get, the more money you make. Remember, the good user experience and great video content will make people stay for longer and return to your tube website. Always keep that in mind when implementing new AD spots to your website. Don’t overdo it, as it might lower user experience, which in turn increases the bounce rate and reduces time users spend on your site.

Author: ThePornAdmin

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2 years ago

Brilliant, I was just about to cross over to the “dark side” entirely (aka use adsterra exclusively) as I was struggling to monetize via exoclick even with a couple thousand uniques a day on pnptube.com .. your methods make sense and are a strategy I haven’t tried.. I’ll give it a shot before giving in to the higher paying but very spammy alternative

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