Received a DMCA Take-Down Notice and Shitting Your Pants?

You started getting traffic to your site and everything going smooth and then it hits you, a very scary looking email written by a lawyer that basically tells you that you’re fucked if the content is not taken off the site in question.

It happens to every porn website that uses content that is not owned by the person posting it. Let’s be honest, we are stealing the porn and give it out for free in hopes of attracting the precious traffic. It’s part of the hustle and you can’t avoid it, the moment you show higher in the rankings is the moment you’re on the radar.


Am I Going To Jail?

Now, I’m not saying that the thing we do is fine and cool because it is what it is, someone is losing money because of our doing, that being said.

I am going to tell you from my experience what will happen when you completely ignore the notice.

It is very easy to send an email with the claim, in fact, the service is automated and many companies offer it. The point is the notice is supposed to scare you. When you receive the email with the claim there are also other recipients, like Google the website you hustling content from.

The First Thing That is Going To Happen

Google will remove the reported links from the USA search result pages within the next 2 weeks. You will get an email from Google listing exactly what links are gonna get taken down, Search Console notification system also displays this information.



Now, this is where its gonna hurt, as the owner can also submit links that are not his. Like for example your entire homepage or tags, and so on. They’re NOT supposed to do it but in order to dispute the issue, you have to submit your contact details, address, etc. To both Google and the other party involved which is obviously out of the question. Your website will then lose a huge part of its traffic. Consider this eye for an eye.

The Second Thing That May Happen But Rarely Does.

The claim gets also forwarded to the hosting provider which if you’re not using an off-shore server, will ask you to delete the links.


And that’s it. It almost never gets even to court since you’re gone from Google anyway. Wasting money on lawyers and time to find you is unnecessary business-wise unless you’re pirating Sony Pictures movies on a massive scale you will be fine.

Of course, all of the above can be avoided if you delete the links mentioned in the DMCA claim you had received.



Author: ThePornAdmin

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1 year ago

You are really great at writing such informative and important content.
Each of us should abide by the law, even when it comes to Porn.

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